As the earth shakes, where do we turn for unshakeable hope? In the midst of wars and rumors of wars, what is the antidote to the rage and accusation, the scoffing and bitterness that permeates every level of society? Politics, religion, families — it seems everything in the earth is tearing itself apart. All creation groans for redemption.

Two thousand years ago, the Apostle John saw a future time of war in the heavens when the accuser of the brethren would finally be thrown down. In that unique time, salvation would break out across the whole planet. And what was the secret? What are the saints doing in this time? Scripture promises we will overcome, but only “by the blood of the Lamb” (Rev. 12:11).

It is time we return to the power of the Cross and the blood of the Lamb. We dare to believe that God is restoring lost Biblical truths while also releasing fresh, new revelation to the church — treasures both old and new, much of which centers around the mystery of communion. A “Great Communion Revival” is beginning to baptize the people of God into the staggering triumph of Christ, healing hearts, awakening us to our place in the ancient cosmic war, and releasing waves of mercy to challenge the powers in every realm on earth as in heaven.

Join Lou Engle and special guests in Colorado Springs for a time of worship, prayer, declaration and revelation. Feb. 17-19, 2023. Seating is limited to 350. Early registration discounts are available.

A Message From Lou Engle

The Great Communion Revival

Earlier in 2022, having returned from a global communion service on Passover in Jerusalem, I dreamed I was speaking with Bill Johnson with my headphones on. With stumbling speech, I was having trouble trying to recall the Original Sacramento River dream. When I took my headphones off, suddenly my mind cleared and I remembered and spoke out the dream with prophetic clarity. Then I exclaimed to Bill. “It’s the Great Communion Revival!” Then I began weeping in the dream. Pay close attention to your tears in dreams. They may be pointing you to your destiny or to what is dear to God and what should be dear to you. I’m convinced that the Lord was profoundly speaking to me, “Listen closely son. Take off your headphones! I want to open your ears to listen (Isaiah 50)”. I want you to be stunned with awe about what I’m going to say to you because it is so dear to me, the value of the blood of My beloved Son and it’s power to heal the earth when applied in faith by my church.” I believe therefore I speak. I prophesy the coming of the Great Communion Blood Revival.



We gather to learn of the revelation and application of the Great Communion Revival


FEBRUARY 17-19th 2023

Friday 17th 6 pm - 9 pm
Saturday 18th 9 am -10 pm
Sunday 19th 2 pm- 10 pm


Colorado Springs

At the foot of Pikes Peak, America's Mountain.


Every Believer

In Colorado and representatives from every state.


To Turn Colorado Red With The Blood of Jesus

The end of Roe V. Wade has opened a door for massive change. Now every state must cease their defining moment. We gather to plead a better blood than the blood of abortion. Jesus's blood speaks forgiveness, restoration, and transformation of the states. We begin this movement in Colorado, the first state to legalize abortion in 1967.

"Jesus, I plead Your Blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God, end abortion and SEND REVIVAL TO AMERICA!"

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Our time is now. “Gather to me my consecrated ones who have made a covenant by sacrifice" ~ Psalm 50:5

Every reformation has one defining moment that is remembered long after the names of politicians and kings have been forgotten. At every massive shift in human history – whether political, cultural, or religious – a flash point occurs. That is the moment when a door for massive change opens. Great revolutions for good or for evil occur in the vacuums created by these openings. It is in these times that key men and women, even entire generations, risk everything to become the hinge of history, that pivotal point that determines which way the door will swing. America has been thrust into such a divine moment. In this socially convulsing post-Roe era, the times demand that the church risks everything to lead the parade of history. 

Eighteen years ago, seventy young men and women gathered in Colorado Springs to fast and pray for fifty days and nights that the U.S. Supreme Court would reverse Roe v. Wade. The Lord gave us a prayer that eventually spread across America and has been poured out before the court of heaven like a voice of many waters. “Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God, end abortion and send revival to America.”We believe this prayer contains the key to shifting the nation into a culture of life, healing, forgiveness, and national revival… The Great Communion Revival. 

Millions of pleas have streamed toward heaven. It is the blood of Jesus that speaks the better word of mercy and forgiveness, rather than the blood of the unborn that is calling out for judgment on our nation.

People worshiping
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Communion Second Sunday of Advent-Peace 🍇Nominated🙏
People worshiping
Woman praying alone at sunrise. Nature background. Spiritual and emotional concept.
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Prior to the recent decision on Roe, we received a dream from a woman who saw us standing in front of the Supreme Court. In place of wearing LIFE tape on our mouths, red tape was placed on our foreheads, and on it was written, “It is finished.” These are the very words Jesus spoke on the cross after he cried, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Brothers and sisters, eighteen years of pleading the blood of Jesus has done it! The blood of Jesus has done its work. Roe is no more! 

Now, the battle of life versus death begins in all fifty states. It is our conviction that if God has begun to answer the first part of our prayer, “God, end abortion” (by the overturning Roe) then surely he will answer the second part of that prayer, “send revival to America.” And we believe this revival is directly connected to the blood of Jesus. 

We received a dream in which we saw an interactive map on the wall. That map showed a place where there had been great betrayal and pain. Suddenly, on the map, lights began to break forth wherever people were taking Communion together. They were receiving BB diplomas that were multiplying. Meanwhile, there was another communion service taking place along that river of betrayal. It was a toxic brew of anger, bitterness, rage, and unforgiveness. 

In this dream, those drinking that wine of bitterness were receiving BA diplomas and they were multiplying as well. However, the BB diplomas had authority over the BA diplomas. Those who spoke the Better Blood of forgiveness were gaining authority over those who were the Brethren Accusers. When Jesus, on the cross, cried, “Father forgive them,” he released great power for healing in the earth. When the church begins to voice that same cry in the midst of Communion, it will release the power of the cross for days of revival. 


Lou Engle